What I do?

I am an intellectual property lawyer specializing in patent procurement, licensing and enforcement for technology companies. I have obtained patents across many technical areas, including Internet infrastructure, information technology, computer and network security, remote access, database management, computer telephony, mobile technology and networking, computer-aided design and manufacturing, computational genomics, cryptography, workforce management, electronics, computer software, and many others.  I also provide advice and counseling for trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, software and open source licensing, and intellectual property dispute resolution.  

The U.S. Patent system is undergoing major changes.  The Supreme Court has altered the test for determining whether certain subject matter even is patent-eligible; Congress has amended the law to provide new avenues for attacking patents.  Existing portfolios may well be impacted and possibly impaired, and both offensive and defensive enforcement and licensing activities need to be carefully re-evaluated.  Most importantly, new patent procurement strategies are needed, especially for technological developments that are software-enabled.  Now, more than ever, experience and expertise matters.